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I was raised in a family that has a long lineage in the medium realm.  My Great Grandmother , Amelia, was born in Italy  and had the "Third Eye Sight" connection to "Spirit."  I remember people lining up outside her door everyday seeking wisdom and guidance. 


I am honored that I was chosen by Spirit to carry on her work, and to help others as she did.  Under the guidance of the three spirits I have known since birth, and the love and presence of my great grandmother and maternal grandmother, Rose, standing by me from the other side of the veil, I am able to see your past, present, and future. 

Spirit has shown me that self love is the key to understanding and living our life's purpose and finding true love in this life.  I have lived a life devoid of self love until my mid fifties.  Because of that I was married and divorced three times to men who were so damaged, they could not love me either.  Why should they have, when I didn't.

Since working with Spirit to heal my past, and fall madly, deeply, in love with myself, I have found my one true love: me!  I am the love of my life.  Please let me show you with Spirit's guidance how to heal those old wounds, and find your true inner happy, find your true self worth, and love.

I am proud to say I have earned my certification and am now  a Certified Life Coach and Spiritual Life Coach!

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